meow meow: the farewell concert
Bonjour Tristesse, adieu New York.

Like a little petal crushed by the wind, Meow-Meow crawls from the putsch of the paparazzi to give us her final bloody
farewell concert.

From the depths of the Seine to the stages of the insane, she's prowled, preened, stunned and screamed her way from
Paris to Berlin to Sydney to Shanghai. At the end of her world tour, the darling of the dungeons of the euro jet-set, Le
Monde's 'tawdry underworld eurydice', descends with her ‘voix inhumaine’ one last time into the suicide cabaret of
"Meow's Last Tapes".

Part hide, part seek, part confessional, part breakdown. Watch Meow-Meow sully herself once more in this business we
call show. From the psychotic to cool to kitsch cabaret, and virtuosic contemporary opera, Meow-Meow has performed
solo and with companies including Opera Factory (London), Elision Ensemble (Australia), Robyn Orlin (South Africa) and
Mikel Rouse (NYC) in venues as diverse as Berlin's Hebbel Theater, Sydney's Opera House, Zurich's Theater Spektakel,
Lincoln Center, Tokyo's Saitama Theatre, international dungeons and numerous international arts festivals. She also
appears as a comedienne in Australian film and television.
September 17th 2004. Portland Institute of Comtemporary Art (PICA) as part of their TBA festival.
copyright 2004