the tin can people 1

Linda Kerr Scott

Mrs M is voracious, devious and violent; her desires urge her on to be both the perpetrator and the victim of the crimes
she would like to commit. Obsessive fantasies of bloody revenge jostle with excruciating self-examination to create a
performance that moves from laughter to tears, from the painfully real to the patently absurd.A breathing pyrotechnic,
she hurls herself through rage, forgiveness, pleading and terror - a black and dangerous angel saddled with injuries of
the past, struggling through the darkness, where murder appears like a long lost friend.
“Linda Kerr Scott is a consummate clown. Natural instinct and a trained ability are memorably united in this tiny, frail-
looking woman who cavorts about the stage in curlers and dressing gown like a devastating elemental force.”

copyright 2004