faust (is dead)
faust (is dead) 2

Alain Pelletier

Mark Ravenhill's brilliant, brutal and flawed debut play, Shopping And Fucking, about a group of sad, young London'
flat-sharers who saw sex as just another kind of commercial transaction, and who found shopping, or rather shoplifting,
a sexual turn-on, included scenes of vomiting, buggery, oral, sexual intercourse and rimming. Read More....
“Sell your soul to get a ticket”
“Nick Philippou’s meticulous production”
“a pair of sharply realised, understated performances from Alain Pelletier... and Pete Bailie”
“Irvine Welsh would not quarrel with a word of it”
“a brilliantly self-denying piece of mythology”
“Mark Ravenhill writes with a sense of cool indignation that I like, and he gets a cool, hard, high-tech production from
Nick Philippou and the Actors Touring Company”
“Nick Philippou’s production does expert justice to the drama’s tart, tricky mode”
“Mark Ravenhill’s adaptation is more of a deconstruction of the Faust myth; ruminative, questioning, intelligent often
queasily funny... disappointing news for any visiting dirty mac brigade”
“A remarkable staging of Faust”
“menacing, bizarrely jumpy yet unsettingly, amusingly true to life... strangely riveting”
“it has a ghastly fascination and Philippou’s production is perfectly cast”
“... an intelligent and witty reappropriation of the legend... alive, pertinent and disturbing.”
“a mind-bender, rife with subversive insights and argument starters”
“a rare example of a genuinely theatrical multi-media experience, not just a play with knobs on”
copyright 2004