ion 2
“An EXPLOSIVE PRESENTATION...performed with enviable ease... a TREMENDOUS success”
“Funny...with A SERIOUS, MOVING HEART...It is this affectionately playful tone that is ATC's strongest suit”
“A theatrical roller-coaster with AWESOME OLYMPIAN ASCENTS and precipitous drops into irresistibly
funny as a naughty limerick in church”
“The brashness and stylistic DARING of this production may frighten the occasional stiff-necked critic, but its'
audience will be delighted”
“Dramatic URGENCY and physical energy”
“A forgotten gem...A PLAY FOR TODAY, whenever in history that day happens to be...(two productions) in an
unprecedented form: back to back, and sharing the same director they are strikingly different”
“The Actors Touring Company...has PENETRATED TO ITS TRAGIC HEART - the articulation and partial healing of
long-hidden injuries of sex...Controlled yet passionate physical movement distinguishes this production.
Kenneth McLeish's version...has grasped Euripides' spirituality, imagery, lyricism and contemporary relevance”
“The RSC treat the play as a comedy: ATC as a sombre moral conundrum. I prefer the latter approach in that it
makes you feel something MOMENTOUS is at stake...The ATC production urgently confronts the big Euripidean
question: if gods wantonly break the law, who sets the moral standards?”
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