Asked why he said:

“It's been some time since I wrote “Breaking The Magic Spell”, but I believe that, when I stated that fairy tales
anticipate or usher in the millenium, “I was referring to their utopian function or aspect. If fairy tales are related to
wish-fulfillments, which I think they are, they reflect the desire of people to transform themselves and society and
bring about a happier state of being. The oral narratives that common people told certainly embodied a wish to be
someone else, to improve one's lot. The fairy tales anticipate what is possible in our lives but has not yet been
realized. Ernst Bloch, the German philosopher, talks about the not yet that can be realized in concrete utopias.
In this regard, fairy tale plays have the potential of presenting and anticipating what we have not yet accomplished
but sense, and what we sense is a better world headed in the direction of the millenium.”
copyright 2004